Backman-Trummer Group

Trans Port 1/2007

Rauanheimo takes over logistics for Tetra Chemical's Kokkola plant

Tetra Chemicals Europe AB and Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab, the Kokkola subsidiary of Backman-Trummer, have concluded a partnership agreement according to which Rauanheimo will henceforth handle the entire logistics chain for Tetra Chemicalʼs calcium chloride plant in Kokkola. The plant is the largest in its sector in Europe and most of its production is exported. Calcium chloride is transported from the plant to the main harbour at Ykspihlaja for storage and for loading onto ships in the all-weather terminal. The agreement also includes ship clearance, which involves 55 to 60 ships annually including their export and import cargoes, unloading of rock salt, and feeding of limestone into the production process. Rauanheimo has already been responsible for unloading the limestone.

According to Anders Jensberg, head of logistics for Tetra Chemicals Europe AB, Rauanheimo was chosen to be the companyʼs subcontractor for a number of reasons. “The main factors were the available capacity and the quay, although a positive attitude on the part of Rauanheimoʼs management during the project also affected
the decision. We worked together to devise a solution that further strengthens Tetraʼs competitive efficiency in logistics,” says Jensberg.

Tetra Chemicals Europe AB is part of the international TETRA Technologies group, which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The groupʼs main sectors are services to the oil and gas industry and it is also the worldʼs largest producer and distributor of calcium chloride, which is used in various grades for road salting in winter and as a raw material in the food industry. The headquarters of Tetra Chemicals Europe AB are located in Helsingborg, Sweden, and the company has several production plants in Europe.