Backman-Trummer Group

Rauanheimo expands to Hamina

The operations of Oy M. Rauanheimo, a subsidiary of the Backman-Trummer Group, have long centred at the Port of Kokkola. At the beginning of the year a new phase in the history of Rauanheimo began when the company commenced forwarding and stevedoring at the Port of Hamina.

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Experience in transit traffic crucial

Rauanheimo was selected as the main operator in Hamina after the previous operator concentrated their operations in other ports. Solid experience in transit traffic was the principal factor prompting the choice of Rauanheimo. Hamina has long been an important hub in the Russian transit traffic and will remain so far into the future.

“The decision to expand to Hamina was a strategic one for us. It also received and continues to enjoy strong backing from our customers and the port authorities. The port’s modern infrastructure, its location near the Russian border and the cargo flows in southern Finland offer an excellent framework for logistics. Efficient road and rail links, a dredged fairway, and excellent storage capacity for both unitised and bulk goods are also advantages of the port,” explains Rauanheimo’s managing director Joakim Laxåback.

According to Laxåback, operations in Hamina will be built for the long term. “Although at the moment cargoes mainly comprise bulk products, the aim in the future will be to increase also unitised goods and container traffic. We’ll also invest in new machinery and equipment when needed,” he says.

Tailored service entities

130-year-old Rauanheimo is a full-service provider of logistics. The company builds seamless transport entities from sea and land transport. Services are tailored to individual customer needs and the end result is a solution that saves the customer both time and money.

Rauanheimo’s operations cover all port services from stevedoring and forwarding to storage, shipping and transit, land transport and container traffic. Operations are based on a strong culture of customer focus and team work. Stable values have also helped the company to adjust to the changes that have occurred throughout its history and to meet new challenges.

“We’re proud of our personnel’s skills and of our many long-term customer relationships and partners. Our goal is to maintain the same atmosphere of motivation and expertise at the Port of Hamina,” Laxåback stresses.